Our story

Welcome to EZIGBO ANKARA (EziAnkara for short), which translates to “well-made Ankara”. Our core mission is to celebrate Africa and African identity through the medium of fashion and fashion accessories. As a company, we are driven to deliver high quality African-inspired products that fits into your everyday life (whether you are at the office, at home, running errands, on date night and every night).

EZIGBO ANKARA is a black owned business led by a female founder and entrepreneur. Our founder, Oluchi Osueke, is a Nigerian-American who started EZIGBO ANKARA to share beautiful African-inspired fashion apparel and accessories with people around the world. She came up with the idea of selling Ankara handbags after seeing school age kids selling beautiful cloth handbags on the white sand beaches of Mozambique. She later took that concept to bag makers in Aba located in Abia State, Nigeria. What started out with handbags has expanded into different product offerings and other types of fashion accessories (...with plans for much more, just wait and see!!). No matter the product category, the core mission remains the same. To exhibit the very best in African inspired fashion products, be a top global destination for shoppers around the world, and reflect a positive image of African culture. Join us on this exciting journey.  


Eziankara Founder and Owner

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